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The future of rail travel, and why it doesn’t look like Hyperloop

Senior research associate, Railway Systems Research Group at Newcastle University, explains why at the Conversation:

As the world’s population becomes increasingly urbanised, it is estimated that the number of journeys measured in passenger-kilometres will triple by 2050. Roads simply can’t absorb this increase.

Railways, with their greater capacity for carrying more people, quickly and with greater energy efficiency, are the best bet to become our mobility backbone. Of course, engineers’ imaginations have created many alternatives to the original steel-on-steel approach to the railway. Maglev and the much-publicised but so far theoretical Hyperloop are often regarded as the ones to watch – but do they really represent the future of rail travel?

Read more: http://v.gd/4h0YPO


Innovation and Opportunities for Rail Freight in the 21st Century conference in Paris April 8th 2015.

We had a great event on Innovation and Opportunities for Rail Freight in the 21st Century with some excellent presentations and excellent question and answer sessions afterwards.

If you attended and would like to see a presentation again, or wish to see a presentation from a parallel stream that you missed, or if you were not able to join us, the videos are now available on the SPECTRUM website.


Enjoy and please share with others.

Book Revew: RAILPOLITIK bringing railways back to the community, by P. Salveson

Andrew Seedhouse‘s review of ‘RAILPOLITIK bringing railways back to the community‘, by P. Salveson, emphasises how the author has applied his research findings to the rail industry and his experience of each is communicated within the book.

RAILPOLITIK bringing railways back to the community

Follow this link to read Seedhouse’s review of ‘a stimulating and genuinely interesting think piece’.

This review is published with the kind permission of Elsevier. It is also available via Science Direct, published in The Journal of Transport Geography, Vol 41, Andrew Seedhouse, RAILPOLITIK bringing railways back to the community, P. Salveson. Lawrence & Wishart, London (2013) £14.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781907103810  page 349, Copyright Elsevier (2014)