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CIVITAS Urban Freight Conference, April 2018, Brussels

23 April 2018 – 24 April 2018 Brussels

The CITYLAB, NOVELOG, SUCCESS, U-TURN projects join forces and invite you to the “CIVITAS Urban Freight Conference”, an interactive event including presentations, posters and exhibitions, breakout and training sessions, workshops and awards.

The projects have already started working hard together for a successful conference, and will release a draft agenda soon. In the meantime, save the date and REGISTER HERE: https://www.polisnetwork.eu/events2/CIVITAS-Urban-Freight-Conference-23-24-April-2018-Brussels

A description of the event is available here: https://www.polisnetwork.eu/uploads/Events_pictures/CIVITAS_Urban_Freight_Conference_-_23-24_April_2018_SAVE_THE_DATE_v2.pdf



Innovation and Opportunities for Rail Freight in the 21st Century conference in Paris April 8th 2015.

We had a great event on Innovation and Opportunities for Rail Freight in the 21st Century with some excellent presentations and excellent question and answer sessions afterwards.

If you attended and would like to see a presentation again, or wish to see a presentation from a parallel stream that you missed, or if you were not able to join us, the videos are now available on the SPECTRUM website.


Enjoy and please share with others.

Seamless freight transport

This presentation session was held at the RGS-IBG annual conference – details available on the RGS website. The write-up is by Allan Woodburn and Mike Browne:

The Seamless Freight Transport session took place on the afternoon of Friday 30 August, featuring a diverse range of presentations broadly relating to intermodal transport and city logistics.  Despite a relatively small audience, there was a good international dimension (with presenters from South Africa, the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom) and some lively and interesting discussion.  The first two presentations, from Jason Monios and Ekki Kreutzberger, focused on port hinterland flows from different perspectives though both with an emphasis on the complexity of hinterland networks and the importance of understanding the roles of the various supply chain actors.  Jan Havenga then talked about the freight transport challenges facing South Africa, with a particular emphasis on the potential for developing the domestic intermodal market.  The last two presentations, from Allan Woodburn and Daniela Paddeu, had an urban focus, with the former focusing on the role for rail freight in the city context and the latter reporting on an analysis of the impacts of an urban freight consolidation centre. Presentations below:

Intermodal rail freight Twin hub Network

A review of rail freight initiatives in the urban supply chain