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Conceptualising low carbon mobility

This is a write-up of the RGS-IBG 2014 Session:
Transport and Energy (2):
Conceptualising low carbon mobility,
Sponsored by the Transport Geography Research Group and the
Energy Geography Working Group on Thursday 28th August 2014, by Neol Cass.

Session organisers: Dr Noel Cass and Professor James Faulconbridge,
 Lancaster University

The session was organised in conjunction with Robin Lovelace of
 Leeds University and TGRG, and Stuart Barr of Exeter and EGWG,
 whose session on ‘Transport and Energy: evidence base for post-carbon futures’ 
preceded it. There were 5 papers presented in each session and
the audience numbers were consistently high. The first session
focussed more on empirical and quantitative research
(with the exception of Antonio Ferreira’s discourse analysis).
Papers in the second session were more focused on social science approaches.

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Transport and energy: evidence base for post-carbon futures

The TGRG and Energy Geographies Working Group joined forces for the second year running at the RGS-IBG annual conference, to host another session on Energy and Transport. This is a growing area of academic study, as illustrated by the increased number of presentations (10 this year compared with 6 the previous year) and attendees who packed the room.

This post provides a very brief overview of each presentation and, where possible, links to slides from the presenters.

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Transport and energy: exploring mobilities at the research-policy interface

We are looking for papers to contribute to this two-hour session that will take place at the RGS-IBG annual conference 2014. Please send abstracts, of up to 500 words in length, to Robin Lovelace – R.Lovelace[at]leeds.ac.uk and Stewart Barr – S.W.Barr[at]exeter.ac.uk . A template can be downloaded here: RGS2014-tgrg-egwg-abstract-template. See below for full details of the abstract call. Deadline: Monday 10th February 2014.

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Energy and transport session at RGS 2013

The TGRG held a total of 12 sessions over the course of the RGS-IBG 2013 conference, the maximum allowed for any research group, and covered an impressive amount of material in that time. (To take a look at all the sessions our members convened, please see here and search for transport). Sessions were well attended, but with so much to see and do, even the most dedicated transport geographer would be hard-pressed to see all of the sessions. Also, many people will not have attended RGS-IBG 2013 at all.

With these people in mind, we have decided to try to document the sessions than took place, rather than accept that, once a presentation is delivered, it is lost forever. To kick-off this coverage, we look at the very first transport session – Energy and Transport – in this post, held bright and early at 09:00 on Wednesday 28th August. For anyone, anywhere interested in energy and transport but unable to attend the conference in person, please read on. Continue reading Energy and transport session at RGS 2013