Upcoming events

RGS-IBG Postgraduate Mid-Term Conference 2013

This event, held at the University of Birmingham (25th – 27th) of March will be on “geographical transitions”. Plenty of scope for transport geographers to submit an abstract to the call for papers. Especially after research on “peak travel” and Phil Goodwin’s talk about peak car.

Past events

‘Bridging the Gap’ event with Transport Scotland.

The Transport Geography Research Group and Transport Scotland jointly hosted an event about ‘Bridging the Gap’ (between academics and practitioners) on 6th July at Transport Scotland in Edinburgh. This coincided with the RGS-IBG conference.

A report on the event is available here.

Annual Conference 2012.

The 2012 conference will take place from Tuesday 3 July to Thursday 5 July 2012 in Edinburgh.

TGRG is sponsoring a number of sessions at the annual conference details of which can be found below:

To find out more and to register visit the RGS conference website.

Postgraduate prize 2011.

The 2011 annual conference provided an active programme for all transport geographers but in particular postgraduate and early career researchers. The TGRG received five high quality applications for the postgraduate prize, with presenters judged on their presentation and a full paper.

Paul Hebes received the 2011 prize for his paper “What drives service traffic? An empirical research on corporate travel behaviour” which applied descriptive and multivariate statistics to the travel behaviour of firms in Germany.

Postgraduate applicants for the 2012 conference are encouraged to submit their paper for consideration for the prize.


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