Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Transport Geography Research Group. We aim to engage with academics, policy makers, practitioners and the public, so the easiest way to help out is by joining the discussion on Twitter or via comments on the website.

If you would like to communicate research you have done in a less formal way than through a journal article, the TGRG may be the ideal forum. Anything from write-ups of previous events to short discussion articles are welcome. To get your content up here, please request that we add you as a contributor to the website and you can add directly to the site!

Contact our webmaster Dr. Denver Nixon and he’ll provide all you need to know 🙂

So you’re reading our content, contributing and interested? The next stage could be to join up:

How to join

TGRG is open to members and non-members of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS).

* If you are already and RGS member please update your membership profile to add TGRG to your research group membership, and we will be notified automatically
* If you are joining the RGS, you can add TGRG to your research group membership when you join on-line
* If you are not a member of the RGS you may also join the TGRG, please send an e-mail to Dr Angela Curl (membership secretary)

We communicate with our members using a JISC mailing list (RGS-TGRG).


2 thoughts on “Get Involved”

  1. Hi, I am a post graduate student at York University, do you have a catalogue for your archive, I am interested in papers presented by Paul Cloke in 1985 and D A HalSall in 1982.
    Nigel Sheppard

    1. Hi Nigel,

      Thank you for letter and sorry for the delayed reply; for faster responses perhaps best to e-mail me directly ( ). With respect to your query, I am sorry but I don’t know exactly what you mean by a catalog of the archives– are the papers you mention academic papers?

      Kind regards,


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