The Committee members are elected each year during the Annual General Meeting. See here for a lists of past committee members. The current TGRG members, and year they were voted in,  are as follows:

  • Chair:  Dr Kate Pangbourne, ITS, Leeds (2016)
  • Secretary:  Dr  Simon Blainey, University of Southampton (2016)
  • Treasurer: Professor Graham Parkhurst, University of the West of England (from November 2014)
  • Membership Secretary: Dr Angela Curl , University of Glasgow (2016)
  • Prizes and Awards Coordinator: Dr Juliet Jain University of the West of England (2016)
  • Transport Geography Education Representative: Dr Sal Lampkin University of Exeter (2016)
  • Post-graduate Representative: Clare Woroniuk, University of Newcastle (2014)
  • Early Career Representative: Dr Sara Tilley, University of Edinburgh (2015)
  • Website Officer: Dr Denver Nixon, University of Oxford (2016)
  • Twitter Officer: Dr Debbie Hopkins, University of Oxford (2016)
  • Other Committee Members
  • Dr Stewart Barr, University of Exeter

International representatives

  • Professor Markus Hesse, University of Luxembourg

Journal of Transport Geography Editor

  • Professor Frank Witlox, University of Gent, Belgium

TGRG: the forum for transport geographers worldwide.

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