CfP: Making Equity Work

We are currently proposing a themed volume entitled: “Making equity work: management and financing of socially-targeted urban transport policies” in the journal Research in Transportation Business and Management. Please find below the call for papers with all the information about the invited topics related to this themed volume.

In order to achieve the aim of the Themed Volume, original submissions covering a variety of aspects relating to the management, governance and financing of policies oriented towards improving transport equity are welcome. Topics include but are not limited to:

1. Systematic literature reviews and conceptual analyses of organisational and management models of equitable transport policies and programmes;

2. Analyses of institutional and policy dimensions of recent innovations targeting equity;

3. Analyses of the impact potential and user expectations;

4. Case studies on equitable programmes and policies and business models;

5. Theoretical and empirical analyses on the social, economic and environmental effects of successful and unsuccessful management of equity-centred policies, programmes and projects;

6. Analysis of new forms of financing and management that can lead to the redistribution of costs and benefits of urban transport.

All the contributions should pay special attention to clearly identify implications for future managerial practice and the contribution to scholarly knowledge.

If you are interested in submitting a paper, you are kindly requested to notify us and send a 300 word abstract by the 30th August 2018 to and

Following the review of all the abstracts received we will submit the proposal to the editors for consideration and provide feedback to the authors.

We expect the full papers by 30th November 2018 to start the review process. We expect publication of the themed volume before the end of 2019.

Please feel free to forward this proposed call for papers to anyone who might be interested in submitting a paper. We look forward to receiving your abstracts.


Inequality in Transport by David Banister


David Banister has just published a new book Inequality in Transport – now available through amazon kindle price £9.99
And it will be published as a paperback on 12th July through Alexandrine Press – Price £30.00 – p. 272 and in full colour. The whole enterprise has been self-publication.

It will also be linked through David’s website – and through Alexandrine Press –
There is also a website for the book

Everyone needs transport to move around and to access everyday needs, but for each individual those needs are different, and they change over time and space: herein lie the seeds of inequalities in transport. In Inequality in Transport, David Banister addresses this complex problem, first through an exploration of inequality, its nature, measurement and extent. He then links inequality and the transport sector through detailed analysis of the variations in daily and long-distance travel in Great Britain over a ten-year period. He argues that there must be a much wider interpretation of inequality – one that links actual travel with measures of wellbeing and sustainability, recognizing that these will change over time. In drawing his findings together, he concludes that there must be new thinking in transport policy and planning if transport inequalities are to be alleviated.