Call for Papers: Advancements in Mapping and Visualising Sustainable Transport Systems

This is a call for abstracts to be presented at the RGS-IBG Annual conference, 29th August to 1st September 2017.

To apply:

Send an abstract of up to 300 words to Craig Morton and Robin Lovelace.

You can find out more about this Call for Papers in this form – you can also apply by adding your abstract and details to this Word document (this is encouraged!):


Deadline: 5th February 2017

Any questions? Please email r. lovelace at leeds. ac .uk or in a comment below if so.  The abstract is copied below.


Transport systems are inherently spatial, involving displacement of people, goods and ideas from place to place. It is unsurprising that Transport Geography has so much to offer transport research and one of the most powerful tools in the transport geographer’s tool cabinet is their map-making skills, and the underlying analysis and modelling that goes into creating the map. But what should a ‘transport map’ look like? How can on-line, publicly accessible and participatory maps enable better decision making? And what are the wider consequences of the rapid ‘digitisation’ of local transport planning for sustainability? This session seeks papers which tackle such questions head-on or implicitly, with new applications of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and associated methods to explore the impacts of the digital revolution on transport policy and practice.


4 thoughts on “Call for Papers: Advancements in Mapping and Visualising Sustainable Transport Systems”

  1. hello , one more question , at the word document i see 2 kind of blank box, 1st is session 1 : persentation , and second is session 2 workshop, do i have to fill both of them, otherword can i fill only for the 1st session (presentation) and not going to have workshop session

    1. Please complete the form for the first session. This means completing these boxes: Presentation 1 Title:
      Presentation 1 Abstract

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