Book Review Essay: Three books, mostly about seaports

Peter V. Hall provides the Journal of Transport Geography’s second essay-style book review, which is mainly about sea ports.

He reviews:

Monios Conventz et alWang

The review explores four questions:

  1. In rescaling the port, is any particular scale primary, necessary or
  2. While we know that seaports confer widespread benefits and concentrated costs, what else can we say about their contribution to the uneven geography of contemporary capitalism?
  3. Who are the key agents in making the investment and operational decisions which create these economic geographies?
  4. What are the prospects for environmental sustainability in ports and related transportation-logistic systems?

You can read the full review here.

This review is published with the kind permission of Elsevier. It is also available via Science Direct, published in The Journal of Transport Geography, Vol 47, Peter V Hall, Three books, mostly about seaports: (1) Port-City Interplays in China, James Jixian Wang. Ashgate, Farnham (2014). £60.00 (hardback). ISBN 978-1-4724-2689-5. (2) Institutional Challenges to Intermodal Transport and Logistics, Jason Monios. Ashgate, Farnham (2014). £65.00 (hardback). ISBN 978-1-4724-2321-4. (3) Hub Cities in the Knowledge Economy, Sven Conventz, Ben Derudder, Alain Thierstein, Frank Witlox (Eds.). Ashgate, Farnham (2014). £65.00 (hardback). ISBN 978-1-4094-4591-3.



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