Urban Transport Without the Hot Air, Review

This is an outstanding book by Steve Melia. I strongly recommend it to anyone in the field, as sumarised in the final paragraph of my review for the Journal of Transport Geography:

Steve Melia has produced a beautiful, meticulously researched and important contribution to the global transport debate. The work synthesises a vast spectrum of evidence on a range of urban transport issues, resulting in a concentrated work of art. Amazingly, this chunk of vital information is also extremely enjoyable to read. I strongly recommend Urban Transport Without the Hot Air to anyone interested in active transport, urban planning or sustainability overall. Indeed, the simple questions of how and why we move around as a species have dramatic (if invisible) implications for the future of human existence on planet Earth. Melia demonstrates that once we properly understand the problems the solutions are within our grasp.

The full review can be seen at the following links.

On the Journal of Transport Geography’s website:


As a pdf document hosted by the TGRG:


Front cover of Melia’s masterpiece

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