Congratulations to the TGRG undergraduate prize winner, Josh Holmes

TGRG would like to congratulate Joshua Holmes for his achievement in winning TGRGs best undergraduate dissertation prize. His dissertation abstract can be found below:

For more information regarding the undergraduate prize please contact the TGRG secretary, Angela Curl

Flying in the Face of Convention:

Exploring the Spatial Politics of Affect and Biopower within Dublin Airport



This project proposes the need to integrate a spatial politics of affect with questions of biopower in order to produce a more nuanced and open understanding of the forms of control that shape experiences within the airport. Conventional accounts have tended to theorise the airport in relation to the underlying anxieties of modernity, positing the terminal as a heterotopic non-place or paradigmatic site of pre-emptive securitisation, resulting in singular interpretations that fail to recognise the multiple, fragmented and intricate nature of spatial politics within the airport. Drawing notably on the work of Peter Adey and Ben Anderson, the project adopts an experimental approach that appreciates Dublin Airport as a “perceptual machine” (Fuller, 2008, 161), an assemblage of architectures and atmospheres that control the affective experience and circulation of passenger bodies. Whilst apprehending notions of affect and atmosphere poses a methodological challenge, this project puts forward the creativity of urban biomapping as an entry point into exploring the politics of affect and biopower at an institutional level such as the airport. In doing so, it becomes possible to expose the various logics, narratives and embodied feelings that play out within even the most ordered of spaces in society.


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