TGRG Sponsored sessions at RGS-IBG 2015 – Quick links to all calls for papers

Current and emerging research in transport        (TGRG, PGF)

GIS for Sustainable Transport        (TGRG, GIScRG)     

How shall the city be sustained with goods and services in the 21st century?      (TGRG)

Maintaining Mobility: Geographies of transport and ageing      (TGRG)

Pan European and global long haul freight.         (TGRG)         

Spaces of Participatory Transport Planning        (TGRG)         

Surveilling Global Space     (HPGRG, TGRG)     

Transitioning to low-carbon mobilities     (TGRG)         

Understanding inequalities in transport and mobility (TGRG)

Urban Transport Visions and Pathways (TGRG)

Spaces of Road Transport Automation (TGRG)


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