RGS-IBG CfP: Understanding inequalities in transport and mobility

Understanding inequalities in transport and mobility

Call for Papers for a TGRG sponsored session at the 2015 Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference, 1-4 September, University of Exeter

Organisers: Dr. Eda Beyazit, Lecturer, Istanbul Technical University, City and Regional Planning Department; Dr. Nihan Akyelken, Research Fellow, University of Oxford, School of Geography and the Environment

The socio-spatial impacts of transport provision and mobility have been understood in several different ways. While some studies focus on the equity impacts (e.g. Nuwarsoo et al., 2009), some emphasise the distributional impacts of transport provision and socio-spatial inequalities attached to them (e.g. Bureau and Glachant, 2011; Markovich and Lucas, 2011; Santos Rojey, 2004). Whether poverty is caused by or leads to transport disadvantages is also examined differently. Moreover, the social bonds created by and the needs met by increased accessibility are recognised to be important considerations. Overall, how we understand inequality in transport and mobility has both epistemological and ontological aspects. Understanding different framings of social justice might be one way to explain this (Martens, 2006; Beyazit, 2011).

In this session, we are interested in different ways of conceptualising and researching inequality in transport. We seek papers that look at inequality in transport and mobility across social groups, geographical contexts and transport models. The papers can cover a variety of areas from distributional environmental impacts of active travel to infrastructure provision across nations.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

–          Theoretical and empirical contributions to the discussion on distributional equity and transport

–          Theoretical approaches to conceptualising social, spatial and environmental inequalities in transport

–          Examples of transport policies that tackle socio-spatial inequalities in different countries


If you would like to submit a proposed paper for this session, please submit the following information to the session convenors Eda Beyazit (eda.beyazit@ouce.ox.ac.uk) and Nihan Akyelken (nihan.akyelken@ouce.ox.ac.uk) by Monday 9th February 2015. We may seek interest in a journal special issue following on from this session and we hope to use this session to develop ongoing dialogue between contributors.

– Title
– Authors, affiliations and email addresses
– Presenter(s)
– Abstract (up to 300 words)

Beyazit, E. (2011) Evaluating Social Justice in Transport: Lessons to be learned from the Capability Approach, Transport Reviews 31 (1) pp.117-134

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Santos, G., and Rojey, L. (2004) Distributional impacts


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