“Pan European and global long haul freight”

Humanity has traded over long distances throughout the Anthropocene, as evidenced by goods and materials found hundreds and even thousands from point of origin back to the Neolithic. In the 21st century this global trade has reduced the world for goods to a matter of hours for air freight, but more normally 6 weeks from the Pacific to Europe by ship.

How has this changed the world? Does the global reach of trade enhance sustainability or hinder it? Are the disruptions of off shoring and on shoring part of the destructive creation of modern capitalism or neoliberal anarchy? Are the flows of goods on road and rail into Europe or North America, or out of Asia and Africa positive in economic, social and environmental terms? Does world trade liberalisation undermine democracy, or does free trade promote the development of middle classes that yearn for freedom? Can the carbon balance of different modes over distance be adjusted? Are the policies of the member states of the EU in line with those of the EU centrally and are they achievable? How do global logistics chains develop, adapt and impact the metropolis, the regiopolises, the periphery, the rural? Can we increasingly move goods by rail, inland waterways, short sea shipping and if so, which ones? Is there a way to increase the capacity of transport networks without building new infrastructure, and should we?

This session will consist of both 15 minute papers with 5 minutes questions and Pecha Kucha presentations of 20 slides of 20 seconds each (6 minutes 40). Submissions should advise on which format they will adopt.

Keywords: Transport, Freight, Policy, Practice, Global

If you would like to submit a proposed paper for this session please submit the following information to the session convenors Thomas H Zunder, Principal Research Associate, Newcastle University, tom.zunder@ncl.ac.uk and Clare Woroniuk, Research Assistant, Newcastle University, clare.woroniuk@ncl.ac.uk by Wednesday 18th February 2015.

* Title

* Authors, affiliations and email addresses

* Presenter

* Abstract (up to 300 words)

* Style of presentation, PECHA KUCHA 20 slides of 20 seconds, or 15 minutes.

The 2015 RGS-IBG Annual Conference will take place at the University of Exeter from the 2nd-4th September 2015


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