RGS-IBG CfP: Spaces of Participatory Transport Planning

Much has been written and debated over the past 15 years about the benefits and challenges of public participation within transport planning and in governance more broadly. However, the need for case studies which identify the ways in which approaches to participatory transport planning play out in practice amongst different spaces (both physical and virtual), scales, and contexts remains. In the UK policy context cuts to local government funding continue to have an impact on both participatory practices and on transport outcomes.

We welcome papers which explore participatory approaches to transport planning at any scale from local to international, and topics could include but are not limited to:
– The effectiveness of participatory approaches in particular contexts
– Power relationships in participatory spaces
– New tools, methods and approaches to participation
– Social media as a participatory approach
– Understanding the role of social capital and bridging capital
– Participatory approaches amongst socially excluded or vulnerable groups and communities
– Critiques of current practices
– Impacts of participation on people, spaces and/or networks
– The relationships between transport policy and participatory approaches
– The wider academic and policy reference of specific case studies

If you would like to submit a proposed paper for this session, please submit the following information to the session convenors Karen Lucas (k.lucas@leeds.ac.uk), Frances Hodgson (f.c.hodgson@its.leeds.ac.uk), or Joanna Elvy (gy06jde@leeds.ac.uk) by Friday 13th February 2015:

– Title

– Authors, affiliations and email addresses

– Presenter(s)

– Abstract (up to 300 words)

The 2015 RGS-IBG Annual Conference will take place at the University of Exeter from the 2nd-4th September 2015.


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