‘Green’ deliveries arrive on Newcastle University campus

Expect to see more of the orange delivery van on Newcastle University campus – but many fewer conventional ones thanks to an innovative freight consolidation project.

Launched to improve the delivery of goods whilst reducing emissions and improving safety on the University campus, the contract will be serviced from Clipper Logistics’ facility at Wynyard Park, Billingham. It will use the electric vehicle (pictured) to deliver goods to the campus at the University’s designated nine drop-off zones. Until now, deliveries were made direct to campus across 226 delivery points and the new system will reduce the need for vans and lorries to enter University grounds.

Staff will be able to track packages using a bespoke online portal giving them real-time tracking information, as well as view proof of delivery documentation.


Tom Zunder, Rail Freight & Logistics Research Group Manager, said: “This project has many substantial benefits. We aim to reduce vehicle usage on campus by around 25%, which will lead to a cleaner, safer environment for all our staff and students.

“Additionally, through a consolidated and regular delivery by electric vehicle, we aim to significantly reduce carbon emissions by up to 90 tonnes per year. This project has been a collaborative effort and we look forward to reaping the commercial and environmental benefits, well into the future.”

Tony Mannix CEO of Clipper Logistics said: “Clipper are respected as one of the UK’s leaders in retail consolidation solutions. This contract brings those same benefits to the academic arena, by helping to create a cleaner and less congested space. We’re certain that students and staff of the University will soon see the rewards.”

The collaboration is co-funded by the EU, Clipper, Newcastle University and other partners, as part of the Smartfusion project funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme. Framework Programme (FP7/ 2007-2013) under grant agreement No. 285195.

Read more here: Smartfusion website or these early papers:
Developing a local research strategy for city logistics on an academic campus


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