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12th CIVITAS Forum Conference 2014

The 12th edition of the annual CIVITAS Forum Conference took place between 23rd and 26th September 2014 in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. It focused on clean urban mobility.

Casablanca TramCasablanca was the first non-European city hosted the CIVITAS forum conference. The choice of Casablanca as CIVITAS forum 2014 host officially sealed the cooperation in the urban mobility field between the EuroMed transport project stakeholders and the CIVITAS Initiative.

The event focused primarily on urban mobility: buses, cycling, walking, with a small element of freight logistics. Laurie Pickup, Honorary Professor of European Transport Policy at University of Aberdeen provided a safe pair of hands as facilitator, and there were interesting site visits, viewing the new trams, the buses and the ancient (and fascinating but slightly scary) Medina in the centre of what is a hard working port city. This write-up reports on the event.

CIVITAS is entering a more open phase of participation and a focus on achieving the EU clean urban mobility policies which set ambitious targets for (virtuall) carbon free mobility by 2050.

– See more at:

– Tom Zunder did a rather tongue in cheek Pecha Kucha on city logistics which you can view here:

Don Quixote and Urban Freight from Tom Zunder at NewRail on Vimeo.


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