Book Review: Sustainable Transport for Chinese Cities, R.L. Mackett, A.B. May, M. Kii, H. Pan Bingley (Eds.)

James Wang‘s review of Roger Mackett, Tony May,  Masanobu Kii, Pan Haixiao‘s edited volume Sustainable Transport for Chinese Cities provides an interesting insight as to the potential for implementation of transport policies in the Chinese context.

Chinese cities

A short summary including a link to a copy of the review follows.

Wang commends the structure of the book and highlights three chapters as being most comprehensive in terms of theoretical grounding: Chapter 3, which emphasises the sustainable transport issues faced in China; Chapter 4, which proposes three stages of accessibility that occur in cities worldwide using Lyon as a case study but then applying this to a Chinese context; and Chapter 6, which explains how a cross-assessment model with the framework of land-use and transport integration may work as a policy instrument to manage urban mobility systems.

The review also highlights the technologies and transport options available such as Bus Rapid Transit and e-bikes as transport systems of cities in China develop, differentiating these from the options available in countries where development occurred earlier.  Interestingly, Wang highlights the challenges for policy transfer given the institutional differences in China in comparisons to other nations in the West, referring specifically to differences in the transparency of decision making and the speed at which plans are implemented.   The review concludes by highlighting the effectiveness of the book in communicating developments in China and from non-English speaking countries including Japan, Germany and France.

A copy of the review is available here with the kind permission of Elsevier. It  is also available via Science Direct.

This article was published in The Journal of Transport Geography, Vol 38, James Wang, Sustainable Transport for Chinese Cities, R.L. Mackett, A.B. May, M. Kii, H. Pan Bingley (Eds.). Emerald (2013). £77.95 (Hardback)
ISBN: 9781781904756,  Pages 159-160, Copyright Elsevier (2014).


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