New Transport Studies Handbook: A review

A new edited ‘Handbook of Transport Studies’ has recently been published, thanks to SAGE. Having a strong interest in the field but no clear notion of what it contained and what it did not, I eagerly volunteered to review for the TGRG (if you’d like to review a book or have a book to suggest for review, please contact Lisa Davison).


Handbook of Transport Studies book

I needn’t go into details here: suffice to say that it was an interesting read that covers a huge amount of ground. This does detract from depth in some areas – I would have liked to see many more reproducible examples and description of software, such as a brief mention of tutorials on how to use Matsim for transport planning. Also I found it difficult to describe the book as a “Handbook”, as it weighs almost a kilogram. But these are relatively minor points: The Book does exactly what it says it will, providing an overview to people and institutions who want an overview of the field.

The full review can be found hosted on the TGRG website and in the JTG via Science Direct:

Full book review reference:

Robin Lovelace, Sage Handbook of Transport Studies, Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Theo Notteboom, Jon Shaw (Eds.). Sage, London (2013). £95, Hardback, ISBN: 978-1-84920-789-8, Journal of Transport Geography, Available online 22 May 2014, ISSN 0966-6923, (



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