Book review: ‘International Handbook on Mega-Projects’ by H. Priemus, B. van Wee (Eds.)

Richard Knowles provides a thorough review of Priemius and van Wee‘s edited volume.


A short summary including a link to a copy of the review follows.

Knowles summarises the content of the four parts which cover: decision making on mega-projects; public–private partnership (PPP) and multi-actor analysis; Cost-Benefit Analysis and ex ante evaluation of mega-projects; and wider impacts including regional growth and sustainability.

Knowles supports the aims of the book but highlights that the focus could be more international, making specific reference to the relative absence of discussion of mega-pojects in less developed countries, where such investment can be ‘very high risk and transformational’.  He also suggests that whilst chapters are well-referenced some would benefit from greater evidence.  On occasions he draws attention to potential omissions, e.g. the limited discussion on the economic as opposed to environmental limitations of relying on fossil fuels (Chapter 18).

Despite these concerns Knowles concludes that ‘International Handbook on Mega-Projects’ provides a valuable addition to the literature on this topic providing practitioners, political decision makers and academics with a wealth of knowledge on the planning, appraisal and evaluation of mega-projects.

A copy of the review is available here with the kind permission of Elsevier. It  is also available via Science Direct.

This article was published in The Journal of Transport Geography, Vol 37, Richard D. Knowles, International Handbook on Mega-Projects, H. Priemus, B. van Wee (Eds.), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA (2013). £150.00, ISBN: 978-1-78100-229-21, Pages 124-126, Copyright Elsevier (2014).


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