RGS-TGRG Writing Transport Geography Workshop

In April 2014 the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds hosted 21 delegates from the University of Leeds alongside other British and European Universities for a workshop on “Writing Transport Geography”. TGRG Postgraduate reps Ian Philips and Joanna Elvy successfully won a grant from the Royal Geographical Society to host a workshop, which was aimed at encouraging interdisciplinary engagement amongst postgraduate and early career researchers from a variety of disciplines engaged in research with a transport geographical nature.

The one day session included a keynote address from Dr Karen Lucas exploring writing and publication from both the academic journal and policy perspectives (Lucas1_slides / Lucas2_slides). Cristina Irving Turner from Emerald also gave delegates a publisher’s perspective on writing for transport geography (Cristina-Irving-Turner_slides). Nine postgraduate and early career researchers also presented papers outlining their own research which generated lots of discussion and ideas for further work. Their papers included:

  • Anna Davidson (University of Oxford) – Bringing into conversation queer and material feminist theory to understandings of urban cycling practices (Think Piece) – Davidson_paper / Davidson_slides
  • Reka Solymosi (University College London) – Mapping Fear of Crime as a Dynamic Event in the Whole Journey Environment – Solymosi_paper / Solymosi_slides
  • Dr Giulio Mattioli (Univeristy of Aberdeen) – Car dependent practices: initial findings from a sequence pattern mining study of the 2000 British time use survey – Mattioli_slides
  • Daniel Oviedo Hernandez (University College London) – Transport strategies in a context of social and spatial peripheries in Colombia – Oviedo_paper / Oviedo_slides
  • Wojciech Kębłowski (Université libre de Bruxelles) – Mobility of alternative urban transport policies – Keblowski_paperKeblowski_slides
  • Anna Plyushteva (University College London) – A Journey of Habits: Making, Sustaining and Transforming Everyday Urban Mobilities – Plyushteva_paperPlyushteva_slides
  • Ersilia Verlinghieri (University of Leeds) – Planning for resourcefulness: a participatory approach to transport planning – Verlinghieri_paper
  • Nicole Badstuber (University College London) – Governance structures and policy frameworks of public transport systems (Think Piece)
  • Alison Rumbles (University of Plymouth) – A critical evaluation of ITSO Smart Ticketing, policy, practice and outcomes (Think Piece) – Rumbles_paperRumbles_slides

The day ended with a review session and social networking event which enabled delegates to further discuss the themes that had arisen during the workshop. The TGRG would like to thank all delegates and speakers for attending and also for individual permissions to reproduce the materials from the workshop.


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