New book on walking and cycling policies

Colin Pooley, Emeritus Professor of Social and Historical Geography at Lancaster, has recently published a new book alongside other editors. Normally a new book alone wouldn’t merit a post on the website, but it has received very good reviews from established academics in the field:

  • “This pioneering book is much needed, as it calls for a new
    understanding of travel and a real engagement with people and
    policy makers, so that effective actions can be taken that will
    transform the quality of the urban environment.” (David Banister)
  • ““This book addresses one of the major lifestyle challenges of our age – how to embed sustained and sustainable mobility
    within community and society. The learning assembled will be essential to the effective design and implementation of
    policies and interventions.” (Dr Andy Cope)

This book is timely, coming when walking and especially cycling policy are receiving heightened public and policy attention. So please take a look at it’s full details at the Policy Press and consider picking-up a copy if you’re interested in the subject.



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