Richard Knowles interviewed

Richard Knowles is a veteran of Transport Geography. He has overseen the rise of the Journal of Transport Geography (JTG) from a niche publication focussing mostly on British research to the second most cited transport journal according to the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) of Thomas Reuters. Professor Knowles is also one of the founding members of the Transport Geography Research Group, the wider community of which this website is a part. To commemorate his passing the baton of Editor-in-Chief to recently elected Tim Schwanen, he was interviewed by Elsevier.

The discussion mostly focusses on the challenges facing an editor of a high-ranking international journal in general terms. We are given a glimpse into the future of the JTG however, and it’s ambitious:

 Frequency of publication should increase from six issues per year to eight, 10, or even 12. Usage will continue to grow if the journal maintains its current status as the journal of choice for publication of high-quality research of international significance.


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