Transport Geography at Universities’ Transport Study Group conference

The Universities’ Transport Study Group (UTSG) conference is an annual event for UK academic transport researchers. January saw its annual conference take place. See below for a write-up by Dr Tim Ryley.

The 45th UTSG conference was at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, 2-4 January 2013, and had a particularly transport geography feel to it. One reason for this was the host, as the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford is based in the School of Geography and the Environment. Another is the fact that the first plenary session was presented by the Chair of the TGRG, Professor Peter Jones, on the subject of ‘Sustainable Mobility – the (non-transport) missing dimension’. More generally though, many of the presentations covered transport geography themes, such as future mobility and transport resilience, across a range of contemporary transport applications including electric vehicles and high speed rail. UTSG 2013 represented a useful, enjoyable conference for learning and networking, and it seems that transport geography is going through a renaissance amongst the wider transport community.

Thanks to Dr Tim Ryley, Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies for this post. If you’d like to contribute content to the TGRG website please contact Robin.Lovelace@ sheffield dot!.


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