Call for papers: RGS 2013

The following sessions have now been confirmed for the RGS-IBG 2013 national conference. Please click on the links below to apply, by the deadline specified for call for papers (CfP).

Mobility as Practice: new frontiers in geographical understandings of urban mobility (with the UGRG)  CfP Deadline: 01-Feb-2013


New Paradigms in Conceptualising Shared Mobility       CfP Deadline: 30-Jan-2013


Space-time knowledge in social networks: a new paradigm for transport geography?    CfP Deadline: 28-Jan-2013


TGRG Postgraduate Research Open session        CfP Deadline: 31-Jan-2013


The Geography of Business Travel           CfP Deadline: 28-Jan-2013


Unequal Mobility and its Social Consequences                 CfP Deadline:  31-Jan-2013

Watch this space for more paper calls.


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