Irish Transport Research Network Cycling Workshop, Limerick

The Irish Transport Research Network preceded their 2014 annual conference, at the University of Limerick, with a cycling-focused workshop celebrating Limerick’s position as a demonstration city for smarter travel.

The workshop took place on the 3rd September and effectively brought together practitioners, policy makers and researchers from across Ireland for both the workshop and the conference.


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Transport and energy: evidence base for post-carbon futures

The TGRG and Energy Geographies Working Group joined forces for the second year running at the RGS-IBG annual conference, to host another session on Energy and Transport. This is a growing area of academic study, as illustrated by the increased number of presentations (10 this year compared with 6 the previous year) and attendees who packed the room.

This post provides a very brief overview of each presentation and, where possible, links to slides from the presenters.

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Overview of the Irish Transport Research Network Annual Conference

Having been established in 2009, the Irish Transport Research Network (ITRN) aims to provide a setting to foster the development of transport studies in Ireland whilst promoting the connection between researchers working in this field. Formed by a cohort of Irish Universities, ITRN is positioning itself to act as an interface in which academic research can be accessible to external bodies and to inform policy development in an effort to move towards a sustainable transport system.

Recently, ITRN held the 5th iteration of their annual conference at the University of Limerick. Split across fifteen sessions, a total of thirty-five research presentations were delivered by individuals based at fourteen different research institutions originating both within and outside of Ireland.

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New members on TGRG committee

Following the very strong turn-out of Transport Geographers at the RGS-IBG annual conference last week in London, we will be uploading many posts in the coming weeks. The record number of sessions hosted by the Transport Geography Research Group (TGRG) were extremely well attended and contained very high quality presentations. Summaries of the sessions, including slides, will be available from the Write-ups section of the website. Perhaps most importantly, we can welcome some new members to our updated Committee. See below for a write-up.

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Oxford University’s Transport Studies Unit: Global Challengs in Transport Leadership Programme

The Oxford Leadership Programme: “Global Challenges in Transport” was launched in March 2013. Over the past 18 months the Transport Studies Unit have welcomed over 95 participants from 21 different countries and heard from over 50 speakers whilst being hosted by three delightful Oxford Colleges. Below the fold TGRG member Lucy Mahoney describes the programme’s appeal as a link between the transport profession and academic transport studies.

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A summary of TGRG activity since 1996

The Transport Geography Research Group was inaugurated in in 1972.

Since then it has been an active group involved in a wide range of activities many of which have been summarised through the Transport Geography Research Group Page. To provide an appreciation of how activities have developed over time we share open access versions of the  TGRG page from 1996 until the present day.  These TGRG reports are available through our ‘History’ page.

Each of the articles was originally published in the Journal of Transport Geography and is also available through Science Direct.  These are  shared with the kind permission of Elsevier and are subject to Copyright.



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